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You speak, we listen and together we make changes.

We are registered with the UK government regulators – the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England and are subject to unannounced inspections on a regular basis. We subscribe to various health care expert bodies, such as HCPA, ICO, Information Commission Office and Skills for Care.

The assurance of on-going quality, continuous improvement and client satisfaction is paramount for At Home Support Services. Any care package delivered by us will be subject to our Quality Assurance (QA) process throughout its life. This process will include QA Visits from senior staff, postal surveys and consultations with clients.

The results collected are vital in ensuring a continuous improvement in services, and are a measurement for internal performance. We continue to monitor services and develop projects to improve, where possible, service delivery for all client groups.

Excellent Care Company Hertfordshire

Members of the following associations: 

Excellent Care Company Hertfordshire
Excellent Care Company Hertfordshire
Excellent Care Company Hertfordshire
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