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what our staff say

We care very much about what our staff think about us. Please find below a number of our most-valued testimonials.

Read some of the feedback our staff are sharing about our recruitment team and staff. Learn more about at Home Support Services,  call to join our teams today on 02036208833

A survey conducted by HCPA in April 2023, highlighted our positive commitment towards creating a safe, happy and passionate care team.

Read Full HCPA 6'Culture Check Report
Enfield CARE job
Enfield Care Job
Enfield Care Job

2020 Q1&Q2 SURVEY

Annual survey feedback form Professionals/Employees: Overall feedback – Very Good

Annual survey Professional’s feedback: - Overall feedback - Good

The agency was able to follow through working with health professionals.


The agency was able to communicate heath needs and can put into care plans agreed actions for care staff to follow. 


The managers always clear in communication and always transparent 


The agency provided exceptional support to the service user and responded in a timely fashion to request and concerns raised. The carers went above and beyond what is expected from a home care agency to ensure the service user was adequately supported

Annual survey feedback form Employees: Overall feedback – Very Good


We have an opportunity to participate in meetings and in this forum, we discuss any changes with service users, and this build our confidence for practice. 


We can discuss and contact the office for advice any time.

2019 Q1&Q2 SURVEY

Annual survey feedback form Employees: Overall feedback – Very Good

We were able to receive training, we know when supervision is due, we were able to be listened. 


The managers are approachable. 

Annual survey feedback form Professionals: Overall feedback – Good

The managers are visible and drive the outcomes of the individuals they care for. 

The care staff have been helpful and knew the service user.

It was noticed that there is continuity in careers between Monday to Saturday. 

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